Hi, I'm Julie.

I empower modern homeschool moms to 

create a life they love

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How will you feel if you get to the end of the year and nothing has changed?

You + The Feast Life= everything you need to create a life and homeschool you love!
Maybe you've thought homeschooling shouldn't be this hard.

Or maybe you're tired of constantly doubting yourself and feeling like you are always falling short of how you know in your heart things could be.

Either way, you don't have to stay stuck here.

Imagine waking up in the morning excited and full of purpose for the adventures that await you. Imagine finally feeling confident and empowered to create a homeschool that's tailored to your unique gifts!

“You don't have to stay stuck where you currently are. With resources from The Feast Life, you CAN gain the confidence and tools to transform your life and homeschool. ”

Julie - founder and CEO of A Gentle Feast

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How we can help:

As a certified life coach, it is my passion to help homeschool moms get the tools they need ditch the overwhelm and confidently create smooth and easy days.

Hey there...

I’m Julie Ross the founder and CEO of A Gentle Feast, a Charlotte Mason homeschool company. I am also a podcast host and a keynote speaker at multiple homeschool conventions.

While chatting with so many mommas, I have seen that many don’t necessarily need more help with curriculum or book choices. Their real struggle is in their mindset and lack of confidence to do what they feel God is calling them to do. They feel stuck and lack direction on how to create lasting change in their lives.

After years of benefiting from having my own life coach, I decided to become a Christian life coach myself so that I could help more moms find true joy, purpose, and positive transformation.

I’ve seen in my own life the power of purposeful goal setting, taking my thoughts captive, and developing a plan for intentional change.

I'll help you to gain purpose, passion, and a plan for success in your homeschool.

I know the power of making an investment and commitment to yourself.

Let’s show up for our lives and homeschools fully alive and equipped to build a life of faith, family, freedom, and fun!

Cheering you on,


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