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I'm Amy, the founder and dreamer behind the beans robust café au lait crema sweet steamed, body sugar cream qui aged french press grounds.

Here's my story

As a former public school teacher, Curriculum Coordinator, and Assistant Director of a Homeschool Academy, Julie Ross has worked with hundreds of students and parents throughout her career.. She has also been homeschooling her own five children for the past 20 years. Julie Ross developed the Charlotte Mason curriculum, A Gentle Feast, to provide parents with the tools and resources needed to provide a rich and abundant educational feast full of books, beauty, and Biblical truth. As Certified Chrisitan Life Coach, Julie helps moms find a life of freedom from the negative thoughts and patterns that are holding them back. Julie lives in South Carolina with her family. When she’s not busy homeschooling, reading children’s books, hiking, or writing curriculum, you can find her taking a nap.

BS Elementary Education, Penn State University
Certified Life Coach, Life Mentoring School
CEO Gentle Feast Press

I'm here to help...

Imagine having a guide who's been there. You sit down next to her on the porch swing, sipping a refreshing lemonade while sharing what's on your heart. You pour out

- All your fears and doubts.

-All the insecurities as you wonder if you are doing enough.

-All the guilt of never feeling like you can get to it all

-All the shame around feeling like a failure

She takes your hand and tells you that you are not alone! She's been stuck in that place too.

You listen as she shows you how to break free from these negative patterns. She makes you laugh even while telling you the hard truths. 

You leave feeling empowered and confident, knowing the next right step.

That's what it is like to take one of my courses or participate in my coaching program. 

Come join us at the table! You are welcome here.



I'm on a mission...

As a mom of five kids, homeschool veteran, key note speaker, and life coach, I noticed so many homeschool moms feeling exhausted and discouraged trying create a life and homeschool they loved.


So, I began The Feast Life offering  tools and resources  to help overwhelmed moms create smooth and easy days filled with curiosity, creativity, and connection..




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Got a question or concern about homeschooling? Surely, we got a video for that. Grab your favorite snack and binge watch over 3 years of videos.



about Charlotte Mason

Is this approach a good fit for your homeschool? In this course, Julie breaks down what this philosophy is, is not, and helps you get clarity on how to move forward.



our Courses

We offer a variety of classes and programs to help you create a life and homeschool you love.


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