Three Tips to Recharge Your Homeschool

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The Feast Life
Three Tips to Recharge Your Homeschool


 Welcome to a discussion on how to smoothly navigate the journey of homeschooling while maintaining a balance in your life. This blog post sheds light on celebrating the journey of homeschooling, embracing its challenges, and encouraging homeschool moms to be the best versions of themselves. 


The essence of homeschooling is to nurture modern moms into creating a homeschool environment that resonates with faith, family, freedom, and fun. As a dedicated homeschool mom, you have the power to shape your life and homeschool to be an environment of nurturing and optimism. One of the notable advocates of homeschooling, Charlotte Mason, once exclaimed that "life should be all living, not a mere tedious passing of time." This underscores the reason why as homeschool moms, we should savor the feast of life and enjoy every moment with our children. 


Charging Through the Homeschooling Journey:

As pleasant as homeschooling sounds, it comes with its tough moments. There are times when tensions run high, especially during winter months when everyone is indoors. Battle with exhaustion, coupled with dealing with the kids' varying attitudes, can be overwhelming. This is a time when you, as a homeschooling mom, may need to take a step back and recharge your strength. This could involve seeking a moment of solitude, silencing the mind, eliminating distractions, and making a conscious effort to engage fully in your own growth. 


Understanding the dynamics of homeschooling requires you to grasp its relationship with lifestyle. Homeschooling is not separate from life; it's a part of it. When household situations are chaotic, they ultimately affect the performance of your homeschool. As such, taking time to rejuvenate and work on personal growth is not a luxury, but a necessity. It contributes to the performance of your homeschool and benefits your children in the long run.


Revamping Your Homeschool Thinking Cycle:

Some trials we encounter in our homeschooling journey can cause us to spiral into a negative thinking cycle. This can make us focus more on our problems, get lost in the shuffle of homeschooling tasks, lack clarity, and put us in situations marked by constantly putting out fires. 


This poses a challenge to think consciously about our problems and face them head-on. It involves a mental overhaul to break free from the limiting beliefs and thought patterns, which mostly end up sapping our happiness. 


One of the ways to change the perception of schooling is by having a compelling vision, having a clear grasp of our expectations, and exercising awareness about our thinking patterns. This helps to renew our minds, leading to a more empowered behavior and more desired results.


Invest in Personal Recharging:

Investing in personal recharging activities equips you with the impetus to keep the homeschooling journey alive. This could involve nature walks, reading your favorite book, looking at art, resting, or spending time alone. 


Recharging takes a deliberate initiative to make the activity a priority. It demands you to schedule your time wisely and stick to your plan. Adapting a habit of personal recharging results in fruitful homeschooling as it enhances your motivation and rejuvenates your mind throughout your journey.


Homeschooling requires an ongoing process of rejuvenation and a change in mindset. While it may be challenging, the joy of watching your children progress outweighs the trials that come with it. As a homeschool mom, equip yourself with a refreshing perspective toward the journey, as this contributes significantly to the progress and success of your homeschool.

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