What a Charlotte Mason Is Not

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What a Charlotte Mason Is Not



1. A Charlotte Mason education is child-led.


One prevalent misunderstanding is that Charlotte Mason education is entirely child-led, misinterpreting her advocacy for self-education. While Mason valued self-directed learning, she also emphasized a structured educational framework, where the teacher's role is to guide, stimulate, and direct, rather than being the sole source of knowledge. This structured approach ensures a broad spectrum of subjects are covered, fostering children's natural curiosity and capacity for self-education, akin to the necessity of consuming a balanced diet for holistic development. 


2. A Charlotte Mason approach is only suitable for young children.


Contrary to the belief that Charlotte Mason's methods are only suitable for young children, her educational programs were designed to encompass learners up to age 18, with a rich and challenging curriculum that extends well into the high school years. Mason’s curriculum for older students is notably rigorous, often surpassing the complexity of typical college material, reflecting her high regard for the intellectual capabilities of students, particularly girls, during her time.

Watch all my videos on using the Charlotte Mason philosophy in high school here.


3. A Charlotte Mason education doesn’t prepare a student for a successful future.


Rather than being utilitarian and fitting children into predefined societal roles, Mason’s philosophy advocates for education as a preparation for life, not just for earning a living. She believed in nurturing individuals who, filled with living ideas and a sense of beauty, can contribute meaningfully to society, regardless of the specific paths they choose. Watch this video for more on this subject.

In summary, the Charlotte Mason philosophy is a holistic approach to education, aiming to cultivate well-rounded, thoughtful individuals prepared for life's various facets. It’s an educational journey that respects the individuality of each child, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and moral grounding to navigate the world confidently.

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