Language Arts in a Charlotte Mason

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Language Arts in a Charlotte Mason




Language Arts: A Holistic Approach

Feeling buried under Language Arts workbooks? 


Ya know, gotta have one for spelling, handwriting, phonics, vocabulary, composition, grammar

… and that’s just the Language Arts books! 


What if you could approach Language Arts holistically… 

with MORE covered in LESS time 

AND with less resistance.

Charlotte Mason approaches Language Arts holistically.

Language Arts is a vital component of a child's education, encompassing reading, composition, grammar, spelling, and handwriting. Through the lens of Charlotte Mason, these elements are not just subjects to be taught but are gateways to experiencing the richness of language and expression. Here's how the Charlotte Mason approach can transform your homeschooling journey in Language Arts.

Reading: Savoring the Feast of Literature

Charlotte Mason believed in exposing children to the "living books" - literature that is rich in ideas, well-written, and engaging. Instead of dry textbooks, children are introduced to classic literature, poetry, biographies, and quality fiction that stir the imagination and feed the mind. Reading in a Charlotte Mason homeschool is not just about decoding words; it's about connecting with the thoughts and emotions of the characters, understanding the author's message, and developing a love for literature.

Composition: Expressing Thoughts with Clarity and Beauty

In Mason's philosophy, composition is taught through narration. Narration is the art of retelling in one's own words what has been read or heard. This method encourages children to think deeply about the content, organize their thoughts, and express them clearly. As students grow, they evolve from oral to written narrations, gradually improving their ability to communicate effectively and creatively. Through this process, they learn to appreciate the power of words and develop their own unique voice.

Grammar: Discovering the Framework of Language

Grammar in a Charlotte Mason education is taught in context. Rather than learning grammar rules in isolation, children discover them through their reading and writing. They observe how authors use language and then apply these rules to their own compositions. This approach helps children see grammar as a tool to enhance communication, not just a set of arbitrary rules to memorize.

Spelling: Developing Skills through Use and Practice

Spelling is approached naturally and progressively. Charlotte Mason advocated for teaching spelling through dictation, where children study a passage, then write it from memory, paying close attention to the spelling of each word. This method promotes careful observation and helps students internalize spelling patterns and conventions as they encounter them in meaningful contexts.

Handwriting: Cultivating Beauty and Precision

Handwriting, or penmanship, was considered an art form by Charlotte Mason. She believed that children should be taught to write beautifully and legibly. Good handwriting is developed through consistent practice, starting with large movements and progressing to more refined strokes. Children are encouraged to take pride in their writing, seeing it as a form of personal expression.

In conclusion, the Charlotte Mason approach to Language Arts is holistic and integrative. It nurtures a child's love for reading, encourages thoughtful expression, and respects the natural development of language skills. By embracing this method, you can create a learning environment where Language Arts is not just a subject, but a delightful journey of discovery, expression, and connection. Through this approach, you empower your children to not only master the mechanics of language but also to appreciate its beauty and power.


The Language Arts materials from A Gentle Feast use Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of teaching these concepts in a truly integrated manner with handwriting, spelling, grammar, composition and MORE


 all approached through meaningful literature, quotes, and poetry…
no fluffy twaddle, as Charlotte would say!

Find out more at 


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